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CNC machining

Richelieu machining:Experts in manufacturing and assembly of CNC machined parts

With extensive experience in CNC machining, we excel in manufacturing and assembling complex parts. Our expertise in mechanical welding allows us to design tailor-made metal parts that perfectly meet your needs.

Rigorous and professional, we manufacture your machined parts from your technical drawings.

Whether machining, milling, turning, cutting, trimming or assembly, we perfectly master all stages of the process of manufacturing and assembling machined parts.

Proven CNC machining techniques

Our machining techniques are based on two pillars:

- CNC milling: using cutting tools to remove material and create parts with complex shapes.

- CNC turning: where the cutting tool moves along precise axes to machine various shapes on lathes

Advanced programming for optimum precision

Precision and modeling are ensured by a computer program that converts a 3D file into instructions for the machine. This program defines the movements of the milling machine or lathe, guaranteeing the creation of the desired shape.

Usinage Richelieu: Your partner for custom machined parts

When you choose Usinage Richelieu, you benefit from :

High-performance, state-of-the-art equipment

-Custom machined parts that meet your requirements

-Compliance with the most stringent design standards.

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