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Welding (mechanized welding)


Machining Richelieu works with engineers and technical team members to ensure that each project is executed according to budgets, requirements and deadlines. We operate 24 hours a day. That's why we have set up several welding stations to carry out work in a minimum time. We are certificated  ISO 9001 : 2008

Richelieu Machining Certifications

 Whether it's simple components for construction or repair of complex equipment or assemblies for heavy machinery, we have the experience and expertise to manufacture the product that will meet your needs.

We serve diverse sectors such as mining, pulp and paper, hydropower, steel mills, tooling for a variety of industrial sectors, agriculture, forestry, industrial machinery and drilling equipment. We also have the latest equipment to carry out your welding projects such as folding machines, bending machines, several tons lifting equipment, etc. We also offer a variety of other related services to carry out your futures projects such as heat treatment and finishing parts. We are particularly proud of our quality control service which allows us to manufacture customized parts that are safe, flawless and whose finish is appropriate and fully compliant with your technical specifications. In addition, our quality control department allows us to meet the highest safety standards in the industry. .

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