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Masters inPrecision machining

We are masters in precision machining, the manufacturing of mechanically welded parts as well as the mechanical assembly and repair of industrial equipment. Whether it is materials such as iron, steel, aluminum, bronze, stainless steel, copper or nickel, we can machine the mechanical part you need to your specifications.

Always respectingThe highest standards of quality

The imagination of our customers is our only limit. Thanks to the experience of our employees, we are able to carry out our machining projects directly from our facilities and always to the highest standards of quality.

We offer:

- The manufacturing of simple and complex mechanical parts
- Mechanical assembly
- The manufacturing of gear and spline shafts
- Machining of mechanically welded parts
- Conventional machining and CNC
- Repair of mechanical parts

We can carry out mandates in the mining, pulp and paper, hydroelectric, steel, tooling, agricultural, forestry and other sectors. These sectors are renowned for maintaining the highest standards of quality.

That is why Machining Richelieu acts as a single point of contact throughout your project to ensure cohesion among stakeholders, quality control at every stage of the project and compliance with deadlines.

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